Network Messenger in C#

A LAN messenger naming Neutron network messenger was a challenging stuff for a guy someone like me, who even didn’t knew the basics of networking, the protocols and everything… But a commendable effort by all the members of my team and me [:p] made it turned into a reality. This was a great experience developing LAN messenger, and try learning the every basic of how messenger works, the text chat, and the files transfer within a LAN.

The Logo

This messenger implements both Client Server and Peer to Peer Connectivity. Every user signs up after authentication, hence it is client server communication between an individual user and server, while clients have a peer to peer communnication among them, which is not surprising.

For the rest snapshots and complete description, see  Project Report

Any questions and queries are welcomed … 🙂


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About Tariq Mehmood Khatri

This is Tariq Mehmood Khatri, currently doing Bachelors in Computer & Information Systems Engineering. I think, everything in this world is logical, so my life circle revolves in finding logic behind everything.
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