Using intellisense with CakePHP

Hello .. In this post, I would like to tell you all about how can we get intellisense of CakePHP MVC libs. Since I have download netbeans for PHP, so intellisense for PHP is already available there. What you have to do is,

First of all, install netbeans’ latest version. The one I am using is 6.9 . After installation, do following.

  1. Go to File-> NewProject
  2. Choose PHP -> PHP application with Existing Sources
  3. Now in the Source Folder, give the location of where you have placed your Cakephp framework folder. I have placed in my “www” folder in WAMP directory.
  4. Finally, set your running config, and enjoy 🙂
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About Tariq Mehmood Khatri

This is Tariq Mehmood Khatri, currently doing Bachelors in Computer & Information Systems Engineering. I think, everything in this world is logical, so my life circle revolves in finding logic behind everything.
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