Boosting up Javascript load time

Hi guys,

These days I am getting very interested in optimizing and speeding up the website. It becomes really necessary for a web developer to have knowledge of how to make his website data load as faster as it can.

As steve souders has said, 80% of the time is taken by the client side execution, and almost 20% is left on server side. So to make it speedy, we must take care of our Javascript and CSS, to make sure they are well managed and optimized.

Here are the articles which have make me understood all these concepts that you should also know. I am 100% sure you won’t get bored while reading them.

Enjoy reading and keep learning 🙂

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About Tariq Mehmood Khatri

This is Tariq Mehmood Khatri, currently doing Bachelors in Computer & Information Systems Engineering. I think, everything in this world is logical, so my life circle revolves in finding logic behind everything.
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