Automatic Website Creation using XML and XSL

I have tasted XML and XSL in my third year of engineeing, where I made a project on Automatic website creation by using the XSL and XML. The whole project was about how to create a website that generates different websites, based on the different templates (under some categories). Each user can enjoy with whatever Template suits his needs, and just enter the data…. Its ready within seconds, and handed to user in Zip format

Webion – Presentation

See the above presentation. It might give you an idea how it was built.

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About Tariq Mehmood Khatri

This is Tariq Mehmood Khatri, currently doing Bachelors in Computer & Information Systems Engineering. I think, everything in this world is logical, so my life circle revolves in finding logic behind everything.
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2 Responses to Automatic Website Creation using XML and XSL

  1. Muhammad Ali says:

    Is this just a concept? Or you have prepared a working model?

    Btw, the blog that are using is already on this concept, you just fill up the info and get the website.

    • Well ali, this was my TE software engingeering project. It was just the simple XML XSL parsing and then bringing up the html. Just to set hands on ASP.NET and XSL, I made it. It can support any design you (admin) add, and depending on that, user can make the site, and get its complete site (html) downloaded.


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