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This is Tariq Mehmood Khatri, currently doing Bachelors in Computer & Information Systems Engineering. I think, everything in this world is logical, so my life circle revolves in finding logic behind everything.

For PHP Lovers

Hi everyone, Hope you are having a good time. Going through the chrome store, I just found out another fantastic tool/extension for PHPers. PHP documentation, made simple. You can just type in the command, and it will get you to … Continue reading

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Cool Tool for CSS

Hi guys, Here I come with a new tool which is very useful for the developers and designers. This tool simply provides an ease to look for the styling behind any element in your html code. The information is well … Continue reading

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Cheat Sheets for CSS

Hi folks, Hope everything is fine around you. I’ve found something cool for you guys. Here are the Cheat Sheets attached for CSS2 and CSS3 CSS2-Cheat-Sheet css3-cheat-sheet

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Automatic Website Creation using XML and XSL

I have tasted XML and XSL in my third year of engineeing, where I made a project on Automatic website creation by using the XSL and XML. The whole project was about how to create a website that generates different … Continue reading

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Boosting up Javascript load time

Hi guys, These days I am getting very interested in optimizing and speeding up the website. It becomes really necessary for a web developer to have knowledge of how to make his website data load as faster as it can. … Continue reading

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Using intellisense with CakePHP

Hello .. In this post, I would like to tell you all about how can we get intellisense of CakePHP MVC libs. Since I have download netbeans for PHP, so intellisense for PHP is already available there. What you have … Continue reading

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Software house for a newbie

I am sharing this with you people who just study and study, and have never gone through any experience or incidence of spending time in a software house.
I know how you people think, the ones who are in university or college. It seems pretty exciting to know after studying
a “Software Engineering” course. Continue reading

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